Three Essential Tips to Using LinkedIn to Network and More

SLI believes in making sure that each student is well prepared to tackle the challenges of the professional world. That’s why they have designed a series of English Classes to help students achieve their goals with their choice.

A Purpose State of Mind

If you have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat account then there’s no reason why you should not add LinkedIn to your arsenal of roots. Even if you don’t have the other social media platforms, as a professional looking for career development or network opportunities, LinkedIn is your go-to digital space. LinkedIn offers a platform for students to connect with other Stratford alumni as well as other new professional contacts. These days you can’t just stand out among your immediate peers. You have to stand out above peers you’ve never met, or knew existed.

TLC to your Account

Maximizing your LinkedIn profile does not only include filling out all the information fields request, but it does involve making sure you visit your site frequently. This will serve as a conscious (and subconscious) reminder to publish original content much as possible, from any articles that you find interesting to media such as photos and videos of your work training environment. The more you visit your site, the more opportunities you will have to freshen up your profile, as well as engage in critical conversations offering a common and sometimes uncommon insight of the day-to-day operations in the field you’re looking to build a career in.

Make a Connection

There will be several individuals who will breeze through your profile at any given moment. Do not pass up the opportunity to connect with those peers via a message, or to follow-up with them — especially if they are a professional in your area of interest. Also, if there are professionals that you admire, send them a request to initiate a one-on-one network. There may be a stigma towards the impersonal nature of a digital environment, but LinkedIn bridges that gap with a variety of communication resources at your disposal.

As a working professional, a full-time student, or a job seeker, LinkedIn offers a space for you to capitalize on your education and training. Keep in mind that when you join LinkedIn you become part of a greater professional environment, full of individuals looking to make connections with people just like you. Remember: it takes a lifetime to build a career, but mere seconds to connect with someone who can help position you towards a better opportunity within that career.

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