Pathway Course

Pathway Course

ESL777: Pathway Course

ESL777 is designed for students who satisfy all other Stratford University admission requirements except for language proficiency.  This course is a 10-week course meeting Mondays through Thursdays for a total of 18 hours a week. Students may enter Stratford University with conditional acceptance. Once students pass the academic Pathway course, they are approved to enter a Master’s degree program at Stratford University without an IELTS or a TOEFL exam.


Flexible Class Schedules

SU offers flexible class schedules designed to fit your life. Between conveniently located campuses and online course calendar, They will work with you to achieve your academic dreams.

SU will Help You Succeed

Stratford University has designed everything from flexible course schedules to the student services department around you and your success.

Career-Focused Programs

Stratford University is committed to offering high-quality, career-orientated programs designed to help you achieve your goals – without breaking the bank.

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