Michigan English Placement Test

The Michigan English Placement Test


Stratford Language Institute requires all newly enrolled students to take the M-EPT (Michigan English Placement Test) free of charge prior to initial registration.  You will need to make an appointment at least one week in advance to the course start date to take the placement test in the SLI office as well as completing a writing sample in order for us to assure that you are placed in the best course for your current English level.  Your score will be assessed and you will be placed into your beginning course based on the chart below:

Basic English  0-4 Pre-A1
Level 1 5-14 Low A1
Level 2 15-30 High A1
Level 3 31-38 A2
Level 4 39-45 Low B1
Level 5 46-52 High B1
Level 6 53-60 B2
Level 7 61-80 C1

The Michigan English Placement Test (Michigan-EPT) is a computer-based placement and progress test. Institutions have successfully used the Michigan-EPT since 1973 to quickly and reliably place students into homogeneous ability levels (CEFR level A1-C1). This 60-minute test assesses language proficiency by measuring performance in listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

Why Michigan English Placement Test

Computer-Based Delivery

The exam features instant results, easy registration, and simple system requirements.

Convenient and Affordable

The Michigan-EPT is a 60-minute test with 80 multiple-choice questions.


This multilevel test can assess proficiency levels or monitor progress over time.