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Falls Church
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Business English I

ESL067 covers an understanding of the vocabulary of American business culture through reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities. This course develops informal discussion skills, formal speaking skills, ability to work in groups, and university-level writing.  The goal of this course is to measurably build on students’ English language skills by engaging them in listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar activities that are relevant to real-world encounters in the workplace environment.  Students will learn to apply vocabulary with correct grammar related to American life and business in communication, prepare and present presentations as well as understand and apply business concepts related to customer service, project management, networking, telecommunications, and common American workplace customs. ESL067 is a 10-week course meeting Mondays through Thursdays for a total of 18 hours per week.

Prerequisite(s): ESL050, DuoLingo 75-85, TOEFL iBT score of 44-61, or IELTS Band 5-5.5